Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Level Alignment Laser

In the world of hardware, Bosch has made a name for themselves. Providing excellent products in almost all categories that they have a presence at, this company has been able to create a lot of goodwill with the kind of products that they have made. Here, we have the Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane level alignment laser, one of the best 360° three plane leveling line laser that will be able to provide excellent workmanship for all your construction as well as a home needs.

It has been built with a very sturdy design and is also pretty user-friendly. It comes with the IP54 rating, which means that it is protected against dust and water, therefore ensuring that it can go through a longer time frame of extensive use. It also has a rubber housing that makes it very easy to hold onto, and also contains a freestanding base with magnets that has been attached to the base in order to hold it in place. It comes with the VM1 positioning device, which comprises of a very fine height adjustment and laser detection unit that goes along with the bracket.

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With such a strong feature laden product, and with the 360° capability, the Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane level alignment laser can be used for host of applications, starting with the alignment of the pipes and conduit, and ending with the installation of cabinets in your house. It can also be used for any kind of carpentry, interior decoration, modelling of the layout of the house, as well as a wide array of other jobs.

This product does not have any kind of rotation or motors, which in other words would not waste any precious battery power. It also belongs to the pristine Class IIa laser product, making it a brilliant feature in your hands. For more laser level reviews, please check out Tools Review category.